Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, as I predicted, I haven't been as faithful to the keeping of this blog as I had hoped... However, we have had ALOT going on. In the past two weeks, Rylee became a big girl. I don't know how it happened, but she did. As I said in my previous post, she got her third tooth on the day of her dedication, and then got the fourth about a week and a half after. She already looks so different. And she has already broken skin on my handing biting me!! Those tiny little teeth can do some damage!
SHE STARTED CRAWLING!!! We were so excited... at first... The first day she only did it twice, and only for a short bit. Then next day she got better but was still doing her scooting thing. By the third day she was getting good and by the fifth day it was dangerous for me to go to the bathroom because I didn't know what she was gonna get into!!! yikes! Hence while we were excited at first. Now she will crawl across the floor really fast, then stop, sit up , and clap for herself. It is so cute! Also, she is pulling up on everything she can get her hands on. She is so brave too - she will be walking in no time. She can walk all along the fire place bricks (fire pokers are gone!) and then to the rocking chair, etc. In fact, we noticed the other day on the tv that the bottom half was all clean/fingerprinted, and the top half was all dusty! haha! Because she is so brave in trying to walk, she got her first bump on the noggin this week. It was SO SAD!! She got a bump immediately on her forehead, which was good. It didn't bruise as bad as we thought, so I was glad about that. I realize that she will get lots more bruises, especially while learning to walk, but it doens't make me feel any better about it. It still hurts my poor baby! Speaking to pulling up - she is always pulling up in her crib! So it is to the lowest setting now. She looks like a little prisoner behind bars when she is standing up. Used to she would roll around and maybe fuss a little but eventually fall asleep. Now, she sits up and then stands up, so it keeps her awake. So bedtime takes a little longer now, because I have to go in and lay her back down, sing to her a little, until she finally gives in and goes to sleep! I'm not that great at numbers, but I would guess that I've sang "Jesus Loves me" about 5 billion times to that little girl!
Rylee also learned to feed herself last week! We were giving her puff cereal and crackers and things, but couldn't get her to hold it and feed herself. Now she does great! I went out to eat with a friend yesterday and Rylee ate Saltine crackers while we ate! A huge blessing because even if she is full, she wants to eat if you are eating.
Rob recently left the pool business to work full time at our church, Top Hand Cowboy Church! So, he has gotten to spend alot more time with Rylee which is awesome! They have a blast together, and I'm always following close behind with the video camera. Of course, they usually catch me and stop playing - they both love giving me grief!
Rylee hasn't been sleeping that great this week, but our AC was acting funky so I'm attributing it to that. We got it fixed yesterday and she slept fine - praise the LORD!! She is our little hot-natured girl. I used to check her temp all the time because she would feel so hot, but I finally realized that she is just genuinely hot-natured.
Okay - she is up from a nap, so I will have to post pics later.