Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 months and another kid later.....

So yah - It's Sunday afternoon and everybody is napping. I didn't feel like napping, so I randomly decided to get back on the ol' blog. It has been a little over 10 months since I last blogged!! That's sad. Although, I'm sure it won't be the longest I ever go without!

What can I say? How can you possibly catch up on 10 months of a child's life? And 5 months of another? I guess I'll start there! On December 14, we welcomed our precious Ryder Caleb into the world. He is perfect. And THE sweetest natured baby I've ever seen-so happy. I'm in love. I worried so much about how I could possibly love another baby as much as I love Rylee Grace. Ha! It's possible! My heart just overflows with love for these 2 pure and perfect babies. Ryder is becoming a big boy already (5 1/2 months). He is eating baby food now and already trying to crawl. He can pretty much scoot wherever he wants. Just this morning he started talking alot more and for the first time saying "tha tha tha tha......" I remember the 5 month time period with Rylee and how that's when it seemed like everything started to happen. I cried myself to sleep one night this week over how fast my babies are growing. It's so bitterweet, because every stage is so fun in it's own way, but I just want to freeze time.

Rylee Grace will be 2 in less than 2 months. She's a little person now. Here's an example. After her bath the other night I said "Rylee, are you cold?" She said "I'm freezing!" We have real conversations. The times when I can't understand her are getting fewer and further between. She is so incredibly smart and funny. And gorgeous- I am struck by her beauty. This age is awesome because she picks up on everything. I can teach her something one time and she remembers. I don't care what anybody says about "terrible twos" I think it's so fun. Then again she has yet to really "throw a tantrum". She seems to get over stuff super fast and hardly ever fusses or cries even when she gets hurt. I am so enjoying getting to teach her. We play little games and sing songs. It's a blast! We wear each other out every day!

She has adjusted amazingly well with Ryder. Don't get me wrong - We are SUPER busy and I'm crazy all the time, but truthfully, having 2 kids is easier than I anticipated. Lately though, we have had to remind Rylee alot that she isn't Ryder's boss. She loves to tell him "no". It's hard not to laugh sometimes. She'll definitely want to boss him around. But I've got a feeling he will hold his own. He is already so tough - typical boy.

My brain is going crazy thinking of all that's happened in the last year. I will have to post more later - I could do this all afternoon. But for now, here's some favorite pics.

sibling love!!

he loves being upside down! so funny!

melt my heart!!

Rylee's first Easter egg hunt! (well technically her 2nd, they had one at school as couple of days before..)


playing outside on a nice evening. Took so many pics and could never get Rylee to set her juice down!!

sweet happy girl

Ryder's first "swim" of the year. the water was too cold for him, so he just chilled!

Mine & Rylee's first swim! Bought a little inflatable pool that has already been worth every penny!

I love this! "Busted - I was supposed t be playing wioth my car and I got caught with the magnets!"