Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lots of Catchin Up!

Oh my goodness - it has been 2.5 months since I've blogged - that's redunkulous! SOOO much has happened. I'm gonna break it up into like 3 posts - just for easier reading. Your welcome (lol just kidding...)

So I just read over the last blog and saw that at that time Rylee only had 4 teeth - well now she has 9!! She even has one of her big chompers in the back! That big one gave her greif! She looks like such a big girl with a mouth full of teeth! And she was biting really bad, but it has gotten a ton better, now she only bites every now and then. I had to start thumping her on the cheek and telling her "no biting". I hated having to do that at first and then looked in the mirror one day and saw like 9 bruises on my arms from her teeth, so then it got a little easier....

She still isn't walking yet, but it getting closer! June 29th she started standing up without holding on to anything. She is really strong. But she will usually only do that when she is distracted by a toy because once she realizes that she is standing, she gets scared and sits down. Rob wants her to walk and is always trying to get her to take steps, but she doesn't want to. However, she LOVES walking with your fingers, so we do that ALOT. Lets just say, it's gonna be good for momma's back when Rylee starts walking on her own!

We've been swimming quite a bit this summer which has been really fun! And it became blatantly obvious that Rylee inherited Rob's skin (Thank you Jesus!) She is so tan - like 4 shades darker than me... haha! About a month ago we were swimming with out MOPS friends and she got stung by a bee! Poor baby! I was holding her and didn't see it at all, until she screamed. It was so sad - but she is really tough, only cried for a little bit. And it just left a tiny mark. What are the chances - I've never in 26 years been stung by a bee and my baby girl gets stung - unfair! She also got her first sunburn, which I felt horrible about. I am usually pretty cautious about sunscreen but we were with some friends at a ranch rodeo under a canopy all day and everybody got burned! Never would have imagined you could get sunburned under a camopy... But like I said, she has Rob's skin so she recovered fast. We've also been hanging out alot with Valerie and Caden, Rylee's brithday buddy! They are so much fun to watch together! I can tell they will be BFF's!! Here's a few of my favorite pics from lately. I will now move on to the 4th of July and birthday blog posts... :)

The only thing cuter than a baby in a cowboy hat is a baby in her daddy's hat!

Love this face!!

Sometimes while I cook, Rylee sits in her high chair and talks to me. I forgot to shut the fridge one day and turn around to find her digging out all of our salad dressings and marinades. I had to crack up!

With one of our very best friends, "Aunt Joey"!

Baby & Mommy

How cute is she in her swim suit and shades? I'm talking about Rylee of course!

Swimming at Caden's house!!

Her first Dr. Pepper! No it's not really opened....

That just never gets old!


  1. Can't believe how big she is getting! Oh my goodness...one year old! Keep the blogs coming, Momma!


  2. She is getting so big! and BEAUTIFUL! Yes blog more often missy! We love yall! I just updated mine a little but have so much left to do! See yall soon!