Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Blog Ever!

Well I have finally joined the blog world! I figure this is a great way to keep everyone updated on the daily adventures of Rylee Grace. She is so funny and I haven't been keeping a journal, so now I'm killing two birds with one stone - Letting everyone laugh with me and having it "on record". And as all ambitious first-time bloggers do, I will say that I will try to update this often, although we all know I probably won't... However, Rylee has a ton of moments worth writing about!

Here are a few of my favorite moments that have happened lately:

-Rylee has figured out that when you go over bumps in the car or bounce her - she can talk and it sounds funny - uh, uh, uh, uh, uh... you get the picture... It's really funny.

-A few weeks ago, she was babbling and then looked straight at me and said "Bob"... still haven't figured out who Bob is!

- As all kids do, she starts rubbing her eyes when she is getting sleepy. The other day she was chewing on her foot and she rubbed her eyes with her foot! Wish I had that on camera!

- She think the monitor in her crib is a toy, so if it catches her eye when she is trying to fight sleep, she tries to play with it. It's a video monitor so we can see her moving it all around and every now and then it will be a close up of her face - so cute! I wish it could record!

-She loves playing with my phone and i found out yesterday that she has sent 3 texts to random people without me knowing it! Wonder how many more she's sent that I don't know about... haha - guess I should start watching more closely when she's playing with my phone!

-The other day Rob was watching Rylee while I was grocery shopping and he said they had a total pink panther moment (our favorite movie). He would say "dada" and she would say "hido" again - "dada" hido"... over and over - He said she said the same thing every time. She was just teasing him - because she knows how to say dada. Maybe she was trying to get him to say hido...

- She accidently gave herself a "wet willy" today!! Slobbery hand went into the ear - gross!! I let her know that she is supposed to do that to all the boys...

Okay - the happy little cowgirl wants my attention! Here's a few of recent pics! She has the most kissable little cheeks ever!!


  1. (Sarah Hammond wrote): Brittany....this is so adorable. Thank you for doing this. I love it! What a doll. Rilee and Emeline will be such good friends.

  2. I just realized I spelled her name wrong. :( Rylee! :)

  3. I love that this keeps us up with the daily adventures of Rylee AND keeps a record for you! Who knew this would be the new way of keeping a "baby book"?!


  4. Brittany--She is so stinking cute!!! Glad you've joined the world of blogging. You should be able to get to my blog from this comment. Love--Jenny B