Saturday, April 3, 2010


A lot has happened this week! Let me go through the list...

-Rylee went from sitting to the crawling position.

-She is getting up on her knees really good, but still hasn't crawled. But she is scooting like an inch worm, where she sticks her butt in the air and then scoots forward. (Part of the reason I think she hasn't crawled is because we always have her on a blanket on the floor and she figured out how to pull the blanket to bring her toys to her! Smart or lazy??)

- She started trying to pull up!!

- While she was standing up holding on to one of her toys, she inched her way around it. So my guess is she will crawl really really soon and then walk really soon. yikes!!

- I had her in her jumper toy in the kitchen the other day while I was cooking and she figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets! Time to bust out the cabinet locks!!

- She has been "clapping" for a while now, but she never opened her hands up very good, so it didn't make the "clapping sound". Last night she made the "clapping sound" and was so proud of herself! It was funny! She looked at her hands and smiled and then looked at us as if to say, "Look what I just did!". So she clapped the rest of the night and even this morning! So cute and funny.

- I was feeding her last night and she was eating peas. Then I started giving her sweet potatoes and she licked her lips after every bite. It was so funny! She loves sweet potatoes! And lets face it - they taste WAY better than peas! :)

Also, I ate Mexican food with my best friend this week and we gave her a little queso on a peice of a tortilla and she loved it! Girl after her mother's heart!

We have gotten to the point where eating is pretty clean these days. We could feed her without a bib and it not be a total tragedy. But this it what it looks like after green beans. She does NOT like green beans!!

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