Monday, April 19, 2010

Dedication and more!

Well, ALOT has happened the past 2 weeks! Namely, we dedicated Rylee at church yesterday! It was so special. Both of our families got to be there. Pastor Greg explained the dedication to the church (since we have only done 1 other one in Top Hand's history!) Then he read scriptures over Rylee. Then my dad got up and gave a "charge" to Top Hand to pray for us and Rylee and hold me & Rob accountable and support us. Then Rob sang a song for Rylee that he wrote. It was the most beautiful song ever. Rob wrote me a song when we were dating, which is obviously extremely special. But hearing the man I love sing those words over our precious angel was even more special. ....And I'm crying again! It was a big day - I had been thinking on it all week, and I had heard the song once before, but it was still pretty emotional. It was a struggle between enjoying this special moment and trying not to be sad about our baby growing up! Apart from the song, my favorite part was part of my dad's prayer - he said "God, we know that you are big enough for Rylee Grace Dubois!" Wow! What a comfort and awesome promise! I am so thankful that I can claim that over my child. Me and Rob are limited in our parenting, but our GOD is limitless!!! And that is why it is easy to dedicate her to HIM!!

After church we went with our families to eat which was a great time. Rylee must have known it was her big day because she was hamming it up! She does this thing where she shakes her head and kinda dances - it is so cute!!! She was making everyone laugh!

Also, one of her top teeth broke through! Gigi was the first one to feel it! I kept thinking it would break through, but never acutally felt it. So far - Rylee got her first 2 teeth on Christmas and Papa (Rob's dad) was the first one to feel them! Third tooth on dedication day and Gigi felt it! I'm sensing a trend here...

Other milestones (which now seem very small):
*Rylee went from laying down to sitting up!
*Then she went from laying down to her knees, to pulling up! yikes!

*When she is standing now, she will let go - which is scary because she can't stand on her own yet! But she is very brave!

*She started making clicking noises with her mouth, which kinda sounds like dolphin noises to me.
*She STILL hasn't crawled. She is so close!! We even got a new rug to help her out!

* This one is silly but she sat in a high chair at a restaurant like a big girl! We usually try to leave her in the car seat or hold her. But she did great in her chair and she was happy because she could see everything.

The other night we went to eat and afterwards, Rylee and daddy played air hockey on the table with one of her pacifiers. She has one that is flat on the back so it slides really good. I was holding Rylee and Rob just slid it across the table to her. She thought it was funny so she started playing! He would slide it to her and she would catch it! I am amazed by her coordination and motor skills! She's gonna be an athlete!

I have a video of the dedication, and have been trying to post part of it, but can't figure it out.... I will try again later. It has been a great two weeks for us. This precious girl has made our lives so rich! Thank you Jesus!

My dad didn't get to be in this picture because he had to go preach. :( But he got pics with Rylee later!

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  1. It was such a beautiful & special day! And your blog is making YOUR Mother cry! What a precious way to journal & treasure the everyday stuff AND the big events of life with little Rylee Grace!